Gravel provides a barrier from weeds, erosion, and even rodents, and offers good drainage. It’s ideal for paths, driveways, patios, and as a base for paving stones. For best results, layer gravel about 6 inches thick, contain it within a boundary, and be sure to tamp it down.

Pea Gravel

Our Pea Gravel is made up of small pebbles, uniform in size and color. Colors tend toward creams, tans, greys, and whites, giving your landscaping project a neat, professional look.

1/4 Minus Rock

Mr. Tree’s 1/4 Minus Rock is a finely crushed stone. Perfect for outdoor living spaces and hardscape foundation.

3/4 Minus Rock

Our 3/4 Minus Rock is great for paths, driveways, and paver foundations.