Recycled Asphalt

Recycled—or reclaimed—Asphalt is broken down from the debris from construction projects and then crushed and screened to meet finer consistency standards for reuse.

This eco-friendly option is perfect for driveways, paved paths, parking lots, and playgrounds. Plan for a layer about an inch thick once tamped down.

Crushed Concrete

Mr. Tree’s Crushed Concrete is sourced from our own demolition projects. Once removed from a project, the concrete is broken into smaller pieces, perfect for reuse.

Reuse and recycle. Crushed Concrete can be used to create recycled aggregate, for stabilization, or for filler (depending on the size of the crushed concrete and your project). Not sure how much you’re going to need? Bring us the dimensions of your project and ask one of our experts for an estimate.