Our Barkdust products are tree bark more finely ground than woodchips. The Barkdust comes in various shades and textures and is the perfect final touch for your landscaping project.

Apply around trees and plants and over gardens. Perfect for holding in the proper amount of moisture while protecting the roots of your plants. For best results, apply 2–3 inches every 2 to 4 years.

Fir Barkdust

Includes red and dark fir, and fine red, which has been double ground.

Hemlock Barkdust

This barkdust is darker in shade and has less splinters than fir barkdust.


Includes fir and cedar. Very finely ground wood that’s the best option for blueberries and small plants.

Cedar Bark Fine

Cedar barkdust that has been double ground.

Walk-On Barkdust

This barkdust is made for paths and high-wind areas; won’t blow away.